At our central Medway day care centre, we often get enquires for people looking for pre schools in Rochester.

Today all started very calm and peaceful, as some kids are away on early Christmas holidays…. And I wondered how different two days can be. Yesterday was busy (in a good way), Christmas excitement buzzing throughout the nursery. This morning was calm and peaceful – almost tranquil.

Someone getting tangled in the phone cord looking for pre schools in Rochester!

So I thought , until all hell broke loose on me. Or should I say marketing world of pre schools in Rochester and Gillingham – or generally in Kent and Medway. At around 11:00 am (I guess sales people must be late sleepers), the phone rang every half an hour. So now I am the happy owner of two Health and Safety quotes, two new insurance quotes, a fresh offer on how to save money on printing. On top of that, I was given the opportunity to buy a really good car and should I not forget, someone is really keen to come and clean for us. Oh, and I am also entitled to £2,900 compensation on a loan I never took out. Lucky me!

I did however, sign up a new little girl who was looking specifically at pre schools in Rochester and absolutely loved the place – so much so that her dad signed our registration form after only 15 minutes of viewing our central Medaway setting. It was a great day after all….

Nursery School Gillingham, UK