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The Best Preschool Curriculum

We use the UK Early Years Framework as a guide to teaching the children at our daycare facility. The Office for Standards of Education of the British government put this scheme in place, which uses six overlapping age bands. A great child care provider provides excellent care for his or her own kids and works to promote growth and learning in others.

We spent years laying the groundwork based on validated academic principles. No other nurseries work like it. It’s a unique, custom-tailored program that grows and improves as your child strengthens in trust at Happy Bunnies Nursery.

Happy Bunnies Nursery always provide an exceptional childcare services and parents agree to it.

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Birth – 11 months

  • The Happy Bunnies' employees know the needs of each and every newborn infant as they all have personal experience of caring for them.
  • Your baby was well cared for—we have emergency treatment that is warm and attentive and able to meet their needs quickly.
  • Our teachers and other school staff members provide supervision and support. When we allow ourselves to be gentle and empathetic, we create comfort and attachment.

8 – 20 Months

  • Our well-trained staff will meet your child at the door at the start of each day and delivers your child at the end of each day.
  • Playful and exciting activities encourage your baby to respond to, and mimic adults.
  • We expand his repertoire by emulating your baby's behaviour, mirroring his expressions, paying attention to his words, and then repeating what he says.

16 – 26 Months

  • Your little ones will be engaging in welcoming and caring for one another themselves.
  • Our full attention is paid to the minute the little ones look to us for an answer.
  • By learning the words for certain emotions, such as sorrow or happiness, your child is taught to know how others are feeling.
3 year old preschool curriculum

22 - 36 Months

  • We are a child-friendly scheme, which guarantees that your child has chances to participate.
  • As your child learns rules for social behaviour, such as waiting for a turn, he or she will be able to grasp these concepts in the context of playing with others.
  • Happy Bunnies Nursery models ways of noticing how others are feeling and comforting/helping them.
4 year old preschool curriculum

30 - 50 Months

  • As they are constantly criticized for being aggressive towards peers or adults, children learn to believe that their acts matter.
  • Each child can participate in the play, which encourages your other kids to expand their social circles and learn to accept others from different backgrounds.
  • Suppose your children are not already part of the social groups. In that case, extra assistance is provided to help them learn social skills.
5 year old preschool curriculum

40 -60 Months

  • We allow children to connect freely and cohesively, e.g. to request assistance or inquire about additional details
  • We help children and students to behave responsibly by making listening to each other and having a chance to clarify their behaviour.
  • We're aware of and respond to your child's particular needs if they are learning English as an additional language.

TheEarly Years Foundation (EYFS) offers guidance in learning and growth and fostering physical and mental health. To prepare children for their future lives and careers, education can expand their range of knowledge and skills.

from the "EYFS Statutory Framework" UK Office for Standards in Education

Learning Plans for
All Ages

The user interface has methods that expand the program’s grasp on people and their interaction with the subject matter because of this study’s focus on Characteristics Effectiveness and Holistic Learning

Playing & Exploring

Active Learning

Creativity & Thinking Creatively


A child’s social and physical well-being isness is predicated on a healthy and supportive community.

This is custom-tailored to each family and is highly diverse within communities and cultures.

Development begins at the point of expansion; prime resources are essential, function as a collective to boost all areas of operation.

  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
  • Communication & Language
  • Physical Development

Children’s specializations are provided for various physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities to allow them to have active participation in society.

  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts & Design

The Best Early Learning In Gillingham: Top Preschool Curriculum

The curriculum at Happy Bunnies Nursery in Gillingham goes beyond your child’s personal social and emotional development – in fact, these form just one aspect of the system.

The full program covers six distinct aspects of child care and development for your child.

  1. The principles of Personal, Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Development: Dealing with feelings and behaviour
  2. Communication & Language: Detailed understanding, Speaking, Active listening & Attention
  3. Physical Development: Moving & Handling; Physical health & Self-Care
  4. Math: Numbers, Shape, Space & Measurements
  5. Understanding the World: Technology, People & Communities/Societies
  6. Expressive Arts & Design: Being Imaginative and Creative
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What Parents Say About Our Preschool Curriculum…

Preschool Curriculum

Meet Happy Bunnies Nursery Director, Claire Hollyhock

I started as a volunteer, then gradually gained experience and advanced in position until I had been a manager for a total of 13 years. We look forward to kids arriving here, teaching them, guiding them, and supporting them.
The management of employees is fantastic. I also manage apprentices and volunteers to help children discover their talents and build a fun, nurturing, and supportive space that makes them feel capable of taking the next move. We go step by step, providing each kid with the best opportunity to find their potential and hope and move forward together towards our goals to facilitate advancement to see if I can contribute to the children and their families. I am thankful that I was able to help in some way.