26.9.12 285OK, so no one can accuse Happy Bunnies staff of not being able to get down to children’s level and have fun. Our girls were looking at the bright side of the life on Wednesday when they enjoyed dressing up likeprincessesand heros.

Sometimes I think, we do these charity events just to give us an excuse to dress up. But Shhhhh! don’t tell “Crackerjacks Children’s Trust! As far as they are concerned, we are taking it all extreeeeemly seriously because we understand that it is important to support children in need.

And, of course it is so they will be happy to learn that we managed to collect some money that will be donated to their cause. And, it is not just couple of pounds as Jenni needs time to count it all, I am told. 🙂

Nursery School Gillingham, UK