Reminder to Come to our Summer Fete tomorrow

Reminder! – Invitation to Summer Fete July 29, 2017

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please keep this date available as we would love to see you all there!

What will happen during the day?

  • School leavers come at 10:0012:00 for Graduation Assembly

(we will be singing songs, will receive certificates and there will be a chance to have your graduation photo taken with a professional photographer)

  • FETE Celebrations (12:003:00) – Everyone

(Bouncy Castle, BBQ, Face Painting, Tombola, Raffle, and many more fun games for kids to take part in.)

Our professional photographer will be available during the entire day, so if you would like to have a picture taken, she can do it for you on the day. This, of course means that you might want to balance the way your children are dressed. Please dress them as you want them on the picture but also, please keep in mind that they will be active and playing lots of games and running around.

We are planning our garden refurbished, so we will have ideas ready for you to view. We want to hear what you hear! Also, please bring change as activities will cost £0.50p – £1:00 and face painting is £1:50.

Some of the Ruffle Prices will include:

1) Flip Out – free session on trampoline park
2) Cream Voucher worth £10.00
3) Free Family Ticket to go Ice Skating
4) Cake
5) Dance Alley Tickets _ free dance class

If anyone can donate some cool items to the tombola, please call our office on 01634 780 165. These don’t have to be expensive items, if you can offer your time (hairdresser a haircut, beatishan nail art, Henna painting, free oil change on a car, free lawn cut, car wash – use your imagination) Please let us know.

We hope you can come, can’t wait to see you all.

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