Hi everyone, Here are some of the exciting things our children will be learning this week. Babies will be finding dinosaurs hidden in shredded paper, and talking about big and small. Dancing and wiggling to music with ribbons to find different ways of moving our bodies to music and using jugs and scoops and spoons to measure and scoop rice crispies in their play providing lots of crunchy fun.

Jungle room will be using their bodies in different ways to walk and crawl through their pretend jungle and making and using binoculars to see through. They will be making and eating Gruffalo cakes and playing the jungle matching game in order to recognise and name the animals they found in their jungle safari last week.

And castle room will be embedding the numbers 1-5 , comparing two different groups to see which has the most and least and Making a model of their choice with junk and different tools and seeing how many ways they can make 5. It is also our school leavers party week so we will be having lots of party games and food throughout the week to say goodbye to our leavers. They all had their graduation photos taken this week and we were all very proud and very sad to say goodbye. That’s all for now. See you next week. Bye!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK