We have been looking at all things scientific this week, from Kerri and her volcano to Kristy and her parts fitness. The children have loved every minuet of the science week that we have extended it into next week as well.

So this week the children have been really busy, preschool have been looking at bugs and creatures in the garden as part of the science week and look at how they live and what they eat. You will never guess what happened when we left 2 beetles together, it was discussing.

The big beetle ate the little one EWW. When we came back into nursery on Wednesday we saw that there was only one beetle left in the special holding area we made for them, we didn't know what had happened so the girls looked up in some books what beetles eat and that’s when we found out that they eat each other EWW.

We have posted a blog about the volcano on so we won't spoil that one for you, you will have to go and see.

Tuesday we made umbrellas for our display inside as we think that the weather is going to change soon, the children have been noticing that it is getting darker sooner and we have been talking about the seasons with them.

Thursday in Preschool we made windmills at the nursery we have noticed that it isn't as warm as it has been and some of the children have noticed that their hair is blowing in the wind so Steph set up an activity where we all made windmills and tried them in the garden, some of then didn’t work because the wind decided not to be as strong this morning, but we are going to be taking them home fingers crossed we will see them go over the weekend.


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