Talking all about the self registration. This week in Jungle Room we are going to be looking at what we see what we smell and what we hold what we touch what we feel.We are really going to look at our language try to use different words and get them to talk about different things. Today we have been looking at sent bags one smelt of coconut and one of the children said it smelt like cake. We have also been looking at different concepts so under and over looking at sinking and floating which is one of the children favourite things they love playing with water, watching something drop to the bottom they love it. Lots of displays going on lots of wiggly worms and staff pictures as well. This is preschools and jungle rooms self registration board we are encouraging the children to come in, in the morning and collect their pictures then jungle room to take it to their butterfly and preschool to their castles. This is jungle rooms butterfly so the children need to come in and collect their spots and put them on here. So here is the preschools registration boards we have the green one for Steph and Jenni and the gold one for Nadia and Hannah. So if your children are in either of them groups help them to put them on. Hi I am Debbie the new Apprentice in preschool help us with our self registration boards.
Nursery School Gillingham, UK