In jungle room yesterday we had sensory play out, this is something that the children of all ages really love. They had sand and shaving foam and also different smells in the shaving foam. They like to get in and get messy in this.

We also spent a lot of time outside and its looking really good fun out there. We have a ramp and lots of climbing toys to go on as well as all the fun things that we usually have. The grass is looking a little dry at the moment but we think that with all the recent rain that we have had its going to get all better.

Preschool is very quiet at the moment as we have had many leave last week and some are leaving this week. We will miss you all and we miss all the fun things that we used to play together. The children that are in preschool have been doing lots of fun things as well. They are working together on a new and improved book corner. The children love stories and we really need to give it all a face lift. Nicola has been working in making story sacks for the area so the children can read and play at the same time.

Babies have been really busy as well they have been settling in as we have had a lot of babies move up to the big room and quiet a few new starters. They have been bonding with their new key person really well and we are so proud of them. Also in babies we have really been working on our communication and physical skills as many of them are showing signs that they are ready for the next step in their learning already. What a group of clever babies.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK