This week, babies will be using our soft play to explore ways of moving around the room. They will be learning animal names and sounds during water play to keep themselves nice and cool during this weather and washing and dressing the baby dolls with some help. They will also be taking turns to choose from our song box . 

Jungle room are reading the rainbow fish and will be taking turns to catch our magnetic fish in a pretend pool.  They will be exploring our under the sea tuff tray which will have coloured rice and spaghetti in it for sensory play.  They will be keeping cool by fishing with nets in the water tray to see how many they can catch. 

And apologies in advance but I am afraid the baby shark song is making a comeback, which I know you will all love to hate.

In Castle room this week, we will be learning about words that rhyme and recognising them in stories and recognising letters in their name and making up rhymes, songs that rhyme with their name. They will also be learning about the number five, recognising, counting objects up to the number five.

Following on from our older child that came back to answer questions about what to expect in big school, the children will be dressing up using local school uniforms in their school role play, ready for big school. And last but not least, we let our butterflies hatched. We let them go in the garden and the children enjoyed watching them fly away. 

Nursery School Gillingham, UK