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If you reside in Lower Hartlip, our Happy Bunnies Nursery is an excellent choice.

Here’s how you get to us. Take the Lower Hartlip Road and turn left onto Hartlip Hill/A2. At the roundabout, take the third exit onto Sovereign Blvd/A2 and turn left onto Ambley Rd. At the next roundabout, take the first exit to stay on Ambley Rd. Another roundabout: Take the second exit onto Bailey Dr and turn left onto Campus Way. 

View or locations in Medway, Kent or take a look at the map below for directions.

Because we’re so well located on the business park, right between the A2 and M2, it’s a great location for you to drop off your children on your way to work. Drive straight and in less than 2 minutes, you’ll see our daycare center.

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About Capstone, Medway, Kent

Lower Hartlip Lower Hartlip is a small village in Lower Lane situated between Sittingbourne and Iwade. Lower Hartlip Lower is thought to have been named after the Lower Read, or Lower Rede, “perhaps marshy alluvium”.
Lower Hartlip has a population that stood at 2,426 in the 2001 Census. It is mainly a farming settlement, and it is dissected by the Lower Headland River.
You will love Lower Hartlip because the people are friendly there and it has a lovely little pub called The Anchor Inn.
Overall, Lower Hartlip is a lovely place that you should visit if you have the chance!

Hartlip, Sittingbourne is a small village in Kent, England.
It sits on the banks of the River Medway and has been inhabited since Roman times when it was called “Portus.” It has a fascinating history with many points of interest, such as Hartlip Castle (formerly known as Portus), which dates back to Norman times. The castle grounds are open to visitors all year round and have recently undergone a major restoration program. There is also Hartlip Hamlet which contains a Tudor house built over 400 years ago by Sir Richard Carew, who served Henry VIII at Court. He had his private chapel within the manor so he could worship privately away from prying eyes. In addition, there are two pubs located in Hartlip, The Rose and Crown pub on the banks of the River Medway, which serves food and drink while you watch the boaters go by. There is also The Hartlip Tavern located in the old village center.

Hartlip has its fair share of history, but some people think of it as a place with only one claim to fame, that being the Hartlip Test. The “Hartlip Test” was first mentioned in an article by John Freeman, which appeared in the Kentish Times newspaper on Friday 28 October 1955. It reads as follows:

“The test of whether you are a native of Hartlip is not so much where you were born, but what you are doing this very minute.

For the true Hartlip woman or man is always drifting back to his birthplace. The attraction may be no more than an ancient yew tree, a stretch of green upon which the sun still occasionally shines, or perhaps it’s just the lure of talking to someone who has never set foot outside the parish.”

The comment was taken further by Geoffrey Crowther, editor of the British Weekly in 1955. He made the following comments in an article he wrote.
“Some places are renowned for possessing a quality that makes them unique. For example, I have recently visited Hartlip, where it appears to be almost impossible to keep out.”
This comment must have struck a chord with the people of Hartlip because, in 1956, Time Magazine published an article called “Home Town Pride” and mentioned Hartlip.

The Rose and Crown is the best restaurant in Hartlip. It serves food and drinks while you watch the boaters go by.
The Hartlip Tavern is located in the old village center.

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Happy Bunnies Nursery is a great place for your kids if you live in Hartlip. The school has a unique atmosphere and a wonderful reputation.

However, space is limited, so sign up as soon as possible to ensure your name is included on the list when a spot opens up. Registration is free, and your kid is under no obligation to use the service. However, registration gives your child a choice.

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