Sinking and floating


Good afternoon everyone! we have had a lovely day today, the sun had come out and we have been playing in the garden. Lots of fun activities out for the children to play with today.

They have really loved experimenting with the water, floating and sinking. This has given us lots of ideas about what we can do in the bath. We have found that the cotton reels float where as the stones sunk to the bottom. We had sea animals in the water as well ROAR.

They have been working with the sea/water theme and we changed our small world to a pirate ship with all sorts of interesting things, sand and water and a peg leg pirate.

When were in the garden we had a den made from cardboard boxes, it was really great in the end the girls where in there with us, we had table and chairs and all sorts in there.

We would like to put the children’s voices on our blog, if your interested in this please can you let us know.

Also if you would like to be part of our play and stay let us know we are starting this soon on Friday mornings between 9-11 for any parents to come and spend time with their children whilst they play, this time can also be used to talk about your children’s books and progress. We really hope to see you there.

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