Activities for Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Castle room (Pre-School)

Oh and it was raining again! Still we went outside today and did a bit of racing! We also danced to our Sticky Kids CD – which is always our favourite!

We had lots of sensory play with mint scented water. We were looking for letters inside lots of shredded paper (that was fun). We were also looking for the right letter that represents the first letter of our name.

During our Mark making, we were using utensils like spoon, fork and sponge to paint pictures and explore different colours. In our book corner, we were reading stories and tried very hard to guess what came next in the story.

Jungle Room (Toddlers)

Toddlers had fun blowing into paint using straws, creating some amazing pictures. They can never say no to blowing bubbles so many of the toddlers spent lots of time concentrating and that was so wonderful to see.

Toddlers also took part in matching bears to pictures and numbers. It was a fun way to teach them 1,2,3.

Since it rained, we did a bit of muddy puddle jumping in the garden, some children played with the ball so we saw a bit of good ball kicking.

Our two year olds are also learning to tidy up, we try to make it fun by turning tidy up time into a game.

We also had play dough out, children were using plastic cutters to form shapes, used rollers to roll out the dough like mummy does when she makes cookies at home.

We also did a bit of imaginary play in the home corner, asking children to re-call what mummy and daddy does at home. We did not get any real secrets out of them so please don't worry, you are safe. J

Baby Room

Babies were singing a lot today, babies were asked to pick a toy to show us what song they would like to sing.

They also got a bit messy with the shaving foam, always a favourite, we placed some small blocks inside and we even encouraged them to bang the blocks together to see what noise, sound it made.

We also wanted to do some ball rolling, well we did ball throwing, kicking, pushing and pulling – did not quite get the rolling part yet but hey, there is always tomorrow – right?

Nursery School Gillingham, UK