Inci vinci spidar

What a few days we had and how sad to see some of you to come into the nursery feeling sad about the snow melting. We had so much fun. You built snowmen and now they are all melting away…. Some of you, children, even gave your little snowman a kiss goodbye.

We tried to keep you occupied through out the day to take your minds off the melting snow. We planned many activities including messy play, painting, mark making and writing and drawing on our black board with chunky chalk.

I hear that you pre-schoolers cooked a silly soup using letter “s” today. I also saw that your room was redesigned and furniture moved around and your cosy corner took on another place and shape with curtains hanging from high all the way to the floor.

And to top it all, you played many turn taking games making sure you learn how to wait patiently for your turn…

Well done to you all!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK