Snowman in September!

Baby Room


Well that's another week gone I have no idea where the time goes! This week baby room have been exploring their senses and they filled a tuft tray with foam for the children to make tracks with the cars in and experience the texture , however one baby decided to go that bit further and tried to roll in it ending up looking like a snowman much to his hilarity and was quite happy to pose for photos for his parents to see later showing how clever he was.

Animals have played a big part in baby room this week as well as parts of the body. They had toy animals in the sand and the babies took great delight in mimicking the sounds and crunching them around in the malleable sand as well as making handprints and feeling the sand trickle through their hands.

They have been looking at themselves in the mirror and pulling faces and kissing themselves and starting to recognise that when they move their image moves although they don't quite understand when another baby sits in front of them why they can no longer see themselves so they are quite keen to crawl to the front of the queue again!

Our toddlers have been practising their physical skills in the garden and are very proud off the fact that they are mastering the art of climbing steps with support and have also claimed the boxes from our shopping this week for their soft play.

This combined with experimenting with wooden blocks, stacking them, pushing them over, watching them fall, enjoying the noise when they fall over and of course being able to pick one up off of the floor without tumbling over themselves has led to a full and productive week of learning.



Jungle have been continuing their all about me theme to promote self- esteem and confidence in our little ones.

They have been making puzzle faces of themselves and their friends and are learning to recognise each other in the process and guessing which feature belongs to who and having fun mixing them up.

They continue to learn signing and the sign this week is ‘good morning ‘ which we have been practising right across the nursery and if we were in any doubt if the children were learning it one of our children signed more at the dinner table this week with a very proud grin on her face.

Continuing the all about me theme Jungle room have been decorating people shapes to look like themselves and their friends and have been making lots of handprints and comparing shapes and sizes and learning to be kind to each other. One of our older children gave his most precious possession of a train to one of our new children when they were playing without any prompting showing they are beginning to share and turn take which as we all know is one of the hardest things to do when you are two years old!

The paper plate portraits are going on display this week and I have to say we have some very talented budding artists some of the likenesses are brilliant and the children will get the opportunity to spot themselves on the wall.

They have also been very energetic this week in Jungle room and have been using the soft play indoors to make obstacle courses as well as our natural resources outside and I believe their has been the odd gruffalo hunt going on in the garden led by Richard according to one of our parents that works quite close and said her and her colleagues love listening to the fun the children are having out there!

Castle Room

Wintery butterflies

Castle have had a very messy week the most recent of which was glupe in the tuft tray which they delighted in picking up over again and watching it drip off of their fingers in amazement.

They have also been measuring their feet by painting them and walking side by side on large paper and comparing their sizes so if you picked your child up last week and their feet were a funny colour I apologise. Added to this they did some friendship colour mixing where they painted their hands with different primary colours and then rubbed them together to see what different colour they made.

They have been experimenting with all sorts of fragrances in the playdough and the paint again this week and one of the most fascinating experiments they did this week was to put different fragrances in the paint let the children paint with them and then smell the paint and the results were the paint with herbs in was described as smelling like trees and chocolate, with parsley in was described as white chocolate (there seems to be a pattern forming here!) however one child described the smell of cinnamon as marmite and chocolate, and the garlic as smelling like a car! Oh and chocolate of course!

And we made a very funny looking hat using a colander and pipe cleaners. They enjoyed choosing different coloured pipe cleaners and using their fine manipulative skills to thread them through the holes of the colander, when it was finished they proclaimed it a funny hat.

They were told the story of goldilocks and the three bears in a very animated rendition using props with the children's help pretending to mix the porridge in the different sized bowls and finishing with a music session with instruments teaching the children to play them loudly and softly and singing loudly and softly to explore the range of their voices leading to just a whisper and finishing with one of their favourite songs, ‘walking through the jungle'

That's about it for this week.

Have a good weekend.

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