Babies will be working on their social and emotional skills this week. We will be discovering baby body parts, eyes, nose, mouth and ears. We will be reading lots of story books to help our babies to build relationships with their key workers. Babies will also be encouraged to share and play nicely with each other.

Our Jungle room toddlers will be developing physically this week. We will be observing their use of hands, are they using left hand or right hands? We will be using equipment in the room and we will make sure that children understand what the equipment is used for and how to use it safely. Potty training is on the agenda once again. We will be teaching children out potty training train song and we will be supporting those children that are doing really well to continue. Junglers will also have a water week today, they will go on a treasure hunt too.

Our pre-school children will be working on their social skills too this week, just like babies. We will be also working on play skills. We will be looking at different types of play, how we can develop and extend this play and how the play makes us feel. We will be also talking about the way our play can effect others and the importance of playing safely. We will be developing creativity this week too, helping children to use endless resources in our nursery to create objects and art work.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK