Space and Planets

Jungle have been exploring space this week which was child led by one of the children that visited the planetarium at the weekend and to my amazement was able to show me all the planets and name them and told me we live on the green bit on earth!
From this they started to make paper mache planet which the children enjoyed getting messy with and then painting them spectacular colours. They made plate moons and paper rockets and made a tall rocket out of junk modelling which can be seen on display in the corridor as can the stars with the childrens faces on. They made alien handprints and moon sand with foil moon rocks to extend their messy play and enjoyed the Alien green jelly with googly eyes in so much that they are making it again this week accompanied with the songs zoom zoom zoom and 5 little spacemen.

While jungle have been exploring space Pre-school have been exploring healthy eating, one of my favourite activities was frozen peas in water, the children were able to watch them melt and once melted able to squish them and mould them in their hands. They have been learning about the hungry caterpillar and to extend their learning we have bought a butterfly garden so that they can watch the lifecycle of a butterfly themselves. They also made a huge caterpillar out of paper plates and they extended it to a maths activity by naming the plates with the days of the week and matching the caterpillars food to each plate according to the book finally joining all the plates together to make a huge caterpillar and counting the amount of food on each plate on each day.
They learned about healthy food and matched the colours to the fruit and learned about foods that are good and bad for our teeth.
Babies have been dancing today for sports relief. Exploring sensory Easter basket with different textures, song box, using dressing up clothes to practice with.
They also made bunny photo frames out of paper plates and put their faces through the hole in the middle.

Next week is Easter and we will be doing lots of fun activities to celebrate.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK