Ideas have literally been rolling in over the past few days for different ideas to help Jenni and Pete to reach their target. We so far have raised £650 for them which is over half way to our target. Jenni and Pete are so thankful to everyone and are over whelmed by the support you have all shown for them in their journey to achieve their dream.

So we have organised a No Tech day for the nursery to be held on the 24th September.

Then we had a wonderful idea  come from one of the children and their family. Lily is walking around leybourne Lakes on the 30th August 2015 for Jenni and Pete's Journey. Lily has been at the nursery for over 2 years and is just about to venture on her next journey of school. Just before she goes she wants to have a lasting impact on the setting and do this sponsored walk for Jenni and Pete. She is doing this walk with her Mummy and her Mummies boyfriend, she has tried to do the whole 1.8 miles before but she has struggled and needed a lift, but this time lily is determined to get all the way around on her own. What a fantastic thing for her to do. 

Thank you again to all the parents and children who are supporting Jenni and Pete in their journey and we all hope that they get their baby as they so desire.


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