Hi everyone, we are all coming to that time of the year where the weather is going to be getting better. What is better than a good old spring clean. If you are going to be doing it soon we are looking to stock up the investigation corner of the nursery. We are looking for everyday objects that the children can use in their play to encourage then to ask questions. I am sure there are things you remember from a child they wouldn’t even know existed. Who here still has a land line that’s plugged into the wall, even more who still has the handset where you have to spin the numbers to dial? Its not that long ago that we had one phone in the house it was for everyone to share, now with the increased popularity of smart phone everyone’s got one to be honest with you I haven't even got a PC I use my phone for everything.

list of things we would like of you have them spare in your house.



Nursery School Gillingham, UK