Sun is shining everyone is happy here at Happy Bunnies. We are super excited to tell you about our fun filled day celebrating St Georges day.

He was pretty special you know He is the patron saint for England where we live. A saint is someone who is something really special and is remembered for a long time. St George slayed a sea monster and saved a princess, he was very brave. Every year on the 23rd April we remember him by having the English flag out for everyone to see; some of the children have been making their flags, others have just been having fun with the red paint. What a great day to remember him.


Preschool have been super busy also pretending to be St George, slaying all the dragons and sea monsters to save the beautiful princesses. It was very noisy when they were I think the monster got scared away.

Babies have been having a good time also, they have been singing old nursery rhymes trying to remember things from a long time a go.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK