Child Eating StrawberryBaby room have been experimenting with foods and how they taste. Today they tried melon, pineapple, cherry and pear which led to lots of funny faces and grimaces if they did not like the taste or texture.

Our teachers are reading single word books to the children to promote their recognition and language and they particularly like the book with animals where they can make the sounds to accompany the picture.

We have started prop bags for the songs to go alongside our song box todays bag included bell , bus, small world people and I will leave it to you to guess the song they were presenting.

Jungle Room

Jungle room have been looking at stories and they have been looking at 3 billy goats gruff , gingerbread man and goldilocks alongside the stories they have been planning activities to embed the stories. They walked along a pretend bridge,  made a bridge out of junk modelling, told the story with puppets and made a memory game and collage  and today they are making porridge to role play goldilocks.

Castle room

Our pre-schoolers have been Recognising and copying the letters of their names from their sef-registration board, talking about friendly behaviour and how we act towards others which has extended to role play in the home corner and drawing pictures and discussing them. To promote turn taking and sharing they have been taking part in small group games such as lotto and bingo . They have also been making up their own songs in small groups and we have been writing the words down so that we can display them. They have been taking part in a listening and attention game where they have to guess who is speaking without looking and looking at different shapes in the classroom.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK