IMG 0356 thumbThere is a lot of excitement going on around the nursery this week. We have been preparing for our summer fete where we will have lots of fun activities and prizes as well as a bouncy castle and our leavers have been practising hard for their performance in front of their parents and they can also have their picture taken to remind them of their graduation day and their time with us here.

We will miss them and wish them all the best in the future. Pre-school have also been busy preparing for their sports day and after an afternoon of races will be looking forward to our picnic. Our garden is being renovated this summer and work will be starting in a couple of weeks which is all very exciting and the money raised from our fete will go towards the garden.

Also we have been nominated for the national nursery recognition awards which is amazing and would like to thank whoever nominated us.

Castle room did an amazing child led activity this week, a child was sitting with a group of children pretending to read the news so they all made a television out of cardboard and the child sat at a table behind the cut out tv and they all made their own programmes and presented them on their own tv channel.

Babies have been cooling down with ice cubes in their foam that they enjoyed watching melt and exploring the different consistencies. As well as lots of bubbles water play in the garden and experimenting with the small world animals in the jelly, nice and sticky!
Jungle have been continuing their colour theme and making a display and learning the story of the rainbow fish.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK