This week in baby room we are encouraging the babies to do art and crafts painting and sticking and encourage them to build small towers with duplo bricks. The older babies we will try and encourage them to copy animal noises with songs books and animals as well. We are going to be encouraging them to find their own body parts by head shoulders knees and toes. We will be encouraging them to join in with our song box and the actions with the adults. This week in nursery we have a lot going on we are doing things in one unit. So we decided to do one tape, yesterday we did our toddle waddle and the children did a fantastic job, they did so well they loved walking through the woods and they all got back in one piece. Today we have our party for our school leavers which is going really well, we have our bouncy castle and lots of activities and party food. The rest of the week we are really going to be saying good bye to our school leavers. What a fast year its been.
Nursery School Gillingham, UK