Sun Is Out At Happy Bunnies

In babies we are planning our new areas.We are mostly concentrating on the black and white area. We will be helping the children to make different sounds, bring animals into the area so we can talk about the animals, We will be going into our garden area so they can practice their gross motor skills with ball rolling and chalking.

This week in Preschool we will be doing Easter crafts, such as cards, bunny masks and Easter eggs. Alongside the crafts we will be assessing the children against the EYFS, to do this we will be categorising shapes, animals and cars. Using Duplo we will create structures and then using books to research what adults do for jobs.
In Jungle room we are still really focusing on our new planning that looks at our area, watching out for our poplar area which is the sensory area, so we are planning lots of things which mix different textures and materials to get the children’s thoughts. This means lots of things that the children can get their hands into and make marks with. The children love sand so we have been mixing it up a bit by adding water to the sand which makes it a different texture.
The other favourite area is the messy area we are mixing colours together to see what colours are made, hands for hand printing and even using some vegetables as well.

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