tadpolesSo we returned from our holiday break to tadpoles that have turned into cute baby frogs and caterpillars that have turned into beautiful butterflies.

Baby room have been making the most of the weather and did a sensory walk in the garden. This consisted of trays with cornflour,soil, sand , shredded paper and water for them to walk in. They showed various degrees of interest and one baby explored them all with their hands instead of their feet and another child took a piece of shredded paper and started to twirl it around their hair like a ribbon.

They continued the sensory theme in their treasure bags with different textures for them to feel such as scourers and hay, things they probably would not usually come across.

They continue to learn their body parts and their particular favourite song at the moment is head shoulders knees and toes. In addition to this they made a teddy bears picnic for all the teddies in baby room.

Jungle room had baby frogs jumping around and we nearly had a few escapees! And their caterpillars have turned into butterflies and flown to freedom. They have planted marigolds and sweet peas and made daffodils for their garden display with cake cases and next to these they have hung weather hangers made out of paper plates that depict sunshine, clouds and rainbows.
This week they have been exploring colours and this week it was green, they have been playing with green playdough, eating green food and making a green collage and learning about colour mixing as well as searching the room for green toys.

Castle room have been learning about birds and made some lovely bird seed hangers for the garden.
They have watched their butterflies grow and let them go and their froglets have gone to a local pond.
They have made beautiful paper plate owls and a maths game where they look at the number on the owl and match the same number of feathers on it which they had great fun blowing the feathers off afterwards and starting again.
They also enjoyed mark making in a tray of bird seed tracing pictures and letters with their fingers and various tools.
However their favourite activity at the moment is the hairdressers in the home corner which we have kept out since the royal wedding week as they love it so much and you will be amazed to see the the array of clips and hair slides they manage to get in the staffs hair!
And quote of the week has to be a pre-schooler that called me from the toilet saying the toilet was talking to him and when I went in there it was his friend in the cubicle two doors down calling his name! Priceless!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK