This week our babies will be getting messy sponge printing. Testing new foods to try new flavours and textures and using cars in the sand in small groups to promote interaction and speech.

Jungle room will be continuing their animal learning project. They will be reading dear zoo using toy animals as props. Threading snakes made of coloured pasta. Discussing textures of animals skin, furry, rough etc. They are also taking part in a jungle safari in the garden where they are hiding animals for the children to find using simple clues.

And castle room will be learning about the number 9. They will be playing one of their favourite games called dice bingo, where they roll the dice and have to count the dots and then cross off the number on their whiteboard. They will also be learning to recognise their own name, talking about sounds the instruments make and how we change them; quieter and louder, faster and slower. etc. and learning how to use scissors safely.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK