Children love drawing and scribbling on large spaces. All parents, including me, know the “pleasure” of finding scribbles on walls, doors, tables, laminate floor.

(I remember having toonce scrub the bathroom of a Premier Inn we stayed at in Scotland, to remove all the extra murals!)

It is, however, extremely important for children’s development and sets the foundation for gross and fine motor skills so important for later writing and pencil control.

So when my Jungle Room quality audit results came back, and one of the recommendations was allowing children to draw on large spaces, I decided it was high time we had our very own white board.

Today, for the first time, the children had the pleasure of trying it all out. And… …they enjoyed it! The white board kept their attention for a very, very long time. One task well done. 🙂

Today, I would also like to say avery big thank you to Mr and Mrs Dassour for their lovely Christmas present. What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much. I hope your whole family has a lovely and peaceful holiday.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK