OMG! we have had so much fun today! We have created a new Vegetable patch in our garden. Hannah went out to buy the seeds so we can start growing. With this lovely weather they shouldn’t take very long at all. We have all spent most of our day in the garden doing many different things, we have been in our mud kitchen, painting, digging, building dens and watching the handyman fix our garden.

Before lunch the ladies wanted us to think about our time at Happy Bunnies and we did some really important work we had to answer questions very carefully and follow instructions to make sure we did it right. All our work is now in the hall ready for our Mummies and Daddies to see tonight.

In the babies today we have been out in the garden painting and chalking. We are going back out this afternoon to play with the balls. Babies have been very noisy today because they have been banging and crashing all on the musical instruments. I think that the ladies were the noisiest really and they were trying to sing, but we put them right.

Jungle room have been printing and painting with their fingers making all our surprises for Easter our Mummies and Daddies are going to be so pleased, just as well we can be put in the bath though. Oops x

Nursery School Gillingham, UK