Well done the morning children who have already finished the toddle. They did absolutely fab, even the little ones did lots and lots of walking. They were really lucky and got to see some animals as well. We are doing great with the donations and sponsors so far. We have £29 towards the bus and we have £20 in the setting and £85 on just giving along with all the fab work that the parents are doing at home with the sponsor forms. Keep it up and we will soon be at £750 our target for Ruby.

We are really grateful for everyone who has helped us along the way to this walk, it has taken a lot of work, thank you to Katie Tarrant (Danny's Young’s Mummy) for donating the trophies they are so sweet. Mostly thank you to all the parents and carers who are doing all the leg work to get the sponsorships.


Nursery School Gillingham, UK