Toddlers and Textures

Toddlers explore textures
Toddlers explore textures

Happy Bunnies’ toddlers in our Jungle room had lots of fun exploring a number of different textures yesterday.There is always fun in the room when you allow toddlers to get messy. The toddlers were playing with water, sand, Gloop, play doh, shaving foam and more. Kids even managed to make some cakes using shaving foam. We also brought a bit of sparkle into the game allowing our Jungle room children to mix glitter and sparkles into the mixture. At the end, they all got silly and mixed everything together ending up with a lot of mess but mostly fun.

Later on, Claire and her girls prepared an activity for the children during which kids could play and pretend to be water and land animals allowing them to learn and explore their environment and draw on their previous experiences.

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