P1150022It is so much better to try and see rather than be told. Claire and her team took a very hands on approach to their teaching today. I say teaching but I do mean playing and having fun of course.

Claire and her girls prepared several items new to the kids and spent some time investigating all the parts and buttons. What can be pressed, what makes noise what is each item good for. Children had their chance to put their hands on cameras, keyboards, piano's, musical toys and toy laptops.

We found that the biggest attraction was with items that made sound. Children could not stop pressing the buttons again and again. They also investigated how some laptops can be opened and shut and how to switch them on and off.

This activity could also be viewed as an introduction into everyday use of some new items that are now available on demand. We would like children to learn to be more independent and learn how to access these toys on a more individual basis.

We would like to build up an arsenal of items that can be circulated and used by toddlers. Any remote controls, old cameras and mobile phones are welcome in our nursery. Please call us or talk to the girls in the room if you have any questions….



Nursery School Gillingham, UK