Trackers and progress reports

checking all the boxes are tickedHi everyone, can you believe that we are already in October, with this brings the new terms assessments, all the children will be having unique stories done on them or if they are two and haven’t already had one a 2 year old check. Please ask the staff to see our child’s if they haven’t already given one to you. These will be ready foe next week 14/10/14. In this process we would love to have your input, anything that your child does at home that you think maybe we don’t know about let us know, that way we can add them to their books to give a wider view of them.

Email address: We need your email addresses as we are looking to start up electronic trackers, this way we can email you a copy of the reports and you can keep them for your records. It is also a very handy way of keeping in touch. As you all know in the age of technology we are never far from our phone most of which are smart phones now, what a fantastic tool to show the world about our most precious thing, with email we can send you the reports and you can even see the pictures attached to the observations, I am still in the process of playing but I am sure it wont be long until you can get those pictures onto your phone. Plus we can send your invoice out Via email meaning we can save on the amount of paper that we use.

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