Hi, I’m Tania and this week at Happy Bunnies we have lots of exciting activities to learn from. 

The babies are extending their digging activity by putting diggers and trucks in the soil. They will be     

Drawing lines in and circles in the chalk to encourage mark making for a lovely, messy sensory experience. They will be using and exploring gloop, coloured gloop and we will be giving them real fruit and vegetables to experience in the home corner for their pretend play. 

Our preschoolers will be learning about the number 7 and embedding their phonics. They will be learning about number, amounts. For example, less and more. And we will be encouraging our children to dress independently, ready for school and the children will be searching for things beginning with the letter S. 

We will be talking about our emotions and what makes us happy and sad and discussing what makes us feel better and planting some flowers in the garden for us to nurture. 

And jungle room will be making treasure maps and making them look old by dying them with tea bags, exploring what lives under the sea using their treasure maps to find real treasure and making jellyfish and octopus models. 

So another exciting week in store for us all and we will see you soon.


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