Tuesdays at Happy Bunnies

As promised a fun filled blog about what the children have been doing at Happy Bunnies over the past few days. Portia and Liz have been working on the story the Hungry Caterpillar, in this the children have made a caterpillar, the sun and the moon, the big leaf which he was hatched on and we even got the children to try different fruits to match the story. We tried to get all the activities in Jungle room to run along side each other and link in different ways so we had cake making with the children for the day where he eats sooooo much he gets a tummy ache. The children who made them had no tummy aches even though they could have eaten loads. The children in Jungle room also washed babies, like their Mummies and daddies, they had so much fun the laughter could be heard from upstairs an all.


In preschool we do four activities a day, this week they have a range of different thing which I am certain there will be many pictures to go with them, we have gone scientific tastic with microscopes looking at minerals, this is giving us some really great things to talk about because we haven’t seen things like this before up close.

We are making a wall for preschool, showing us how we all fit nicely together even if we are different. painting these have allowed us to take see how important we are as a team, as with out one we cannot build a beautiful wall.

We have been really looking at dens this week, what we can do in them and how we can make them. We have our big den inside but we have been making some great dens outside.

Then finally before we run out of puff we are looking at our book of the month, Handa's Surprise if you don’t know what it looks like its below, maybe the Mummies and Daddies would like to read it at home so they can take part to.




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