Hi Everyone,

This week has been a sad week for Preschool as they have been saying farewell to their friends who are going up to big school in September. They have been talking about the different schools as well as having end of term mini discos and games. They have been enjoying sand and water play and exploring action words, acting out movements that correspond with the words.

Baby room have been playing with cars in shaving foam in the tuff tray. They have been exploring dinosaurs in ice and watching it melt. As an aid towards learning independence in dressing, they have been dressing the baby dolls in different clothes. One child proudly showed she had managed to put a dolls cardigan on herself, not the dolly!

Jungle room have been enjoying lots of singing and dancing using different CDs of their favourite music and action songs. They have been playing doctors using the baby dolls, doing first aid on them and then moving onto water play to bathe them. Water play also featured when one of the children asked for the fishing game which has coloured fish and nets to use in the water tray.
That’s all for the fun and games this week.
See you all next week. Bye!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK