Pre-school children as all the other children in the nursery will be getting ready for our Happy Bunnies Halloween celebrations. They all will be helping with decorating our own pumpkins. In pre-school room, children will be playing with different objects from around the house. Dry ice and real ice cubes are expected to be the most popular items in play. Our letter of the week is “c”, colour of the week is “orange”, number of the week is “3” and shape of the week is “PUMPKIN”???

Toddlers in the Jungle room will be busy helping to carve pumpkins, making witches hats, cats ears, creepy crawlies jelly and chocolate rice cakes. We will also make sure that their large motor skills get a work out using climbing frames, musical movements, we will be using large building blogs where children have to bend and stretch. Ever popular tunnels will be used as well where children will have a chance to crawl through them. Lets hope they won’t create too big a traffic jam.

Babies will also be enjoying Halloween, we thought play with light/ dark might be more appropriate. We created dark spaces where babies can hide with different “child safe” lights and explore the difference between light and dark and enjoy different colours glowing in the dark.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK