Busy Day bug Watching
Bug Watching at Happy Bunnies

Our pre-schoolers had a busy day on Wednesday. They were occupied by many activities that included painting, play with shaving foam, mud play, water play, sand play and playing with farm animals.

Wednesday was not only fun but educational too. We make sure that every day children have access to paint and can express themselves and their mood using lots of different colours. Kids were also discovering different textures by playing with sand, water and shaving foam. We did not stop their, many pre-schoolers decided to play with dry pasta too. It is fun to discover how different textures feel.

We also spend lots of time in the garden, running around, climbing and using the slide as well as the swings. We also went bug hunting. Children collected bugs and took them inside the nursery for observation. We suddenly turned our little children into little scientists.

And if that’s not enough, fun continued with our football session and I am told that kids were learning how to pass the ball and catch the ball.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK