This week in our Jungle room, children will be developing their pencil skills. We will be observing if children can in fact draw simple shapes, straight line, circle etc. We will be encouraging our children that are going through potty training to ask to go to the potty / toilet rather then wait for us to offer to take them. We should also have lots of fun playing with big balls in the garden, can children throw, roll and even kick a ball.

Pre-school children will be working on listening skills. We will be reading lots of interesting stories, using our “listening” ears. We will be talking about the stories children know and love too. We will be doing lots of chatting about children’s past experiences and we will be playing lots of games where we will be putting events into correct order.

Our babies will be making friends this week, we will encourage all the babies to play nicely next to each other while building towers from mega blocks. We will have lots of tactile games ready – play with gloop is always very popular. We will be singing songs with children’s names in – lets see if babies will recognise their own name.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK