Babies, will have lots of fun learning new words and expressions as part of our “Communication and Language” week. We are hoping that they will enjoy our Teddy Bear picnic – part of which babies will take part in singing fun songs and they might even learn a rhyme or two. We will also be updating our sensory treasure baskets – we want to keep them fresh and fun. This week is also our Chinese week. Babies will be helping with creating Chinese goody bags and Chinese lanterns.

We will be playing lots of hide and seek games with our toddlers this week. These games are part of our learning focus of getting familiar with objects and their names. Should be fun. Toddlers will be going on a treasure hunt in the garden too! I wonder what they will find. Toddlers will be helping us to create their new exciting birthday chart display that will incorporate buses and cars.

Pre-schoolwe onlyhave a term and half before our 4 year olds go to “big school”. We will be helping our children to dress independently, find items in the room or simply make their own snacks and pour their own drinks. Fun won’t be missing either. We will be playing with our bran new games, learning to recognise letters and sounds, “sound bingo” should be fun. Stories, songs and rhymes won’t be missing either.Pre-schoolers have a serious week ahead of them – learning to respect their friends, adults and toys they play with.



At the end of this week, we will announce our “Best Snowman” competition winner so if you have not done so, please send your snowman to: [email protected]

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