Week Ahead! 04-03-2013

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Our babies will be making friends this week. We planned to build tents, tunnels in hope that it will help our babies to play with each other. Babies will be making rice crispies cakes that will be yum as well as fun to make. Babies will have a chance to discover different textures.

Our pre-school room will be busy with language and communication skill practicing. We planned many intruction games for children to play in groups or individually. Some of them will be our old good familiar games as Simon says or What’s the time mrs wolf. Some of the are less known and we hope that the children will be pleasently suprised this week. Stories and more turn taking games are planned also. We will be helping children to chat with adults or in groups. Mathers cards should be coming home this week too. 🙂

Our toddlers will be developing physically this week. We hope that children will join in the self interaction activities. They should have fun with ice cubes, chalks and spot trays, annimals in the mud. The muddy idea originated in a favorite story children love “Piggy the Mud”. Children will also be able to pour and mix jelly this week with cups and mugs. Fun play with bubbles in the garden is always popular.

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