Pre-school children are doing maths week this week. We will be doing lots of counting, We will be looking at shapes – to remind ourselves of the ones we know and hopefuly learn some new ones. Our garden visits will be kept very active as well, we will be playing lots of games that will keep us warm. The letter of the week is “D”, number is “4”, colour of the week is “yellow” and shape is “square”.

Toddlers will be concentrating on their physical skills, gross and fine motor skills as well. Potty training, walking up stairs and climbing, jumping and landing on two feet. Some of these things children are already doing but might not be taking notice of. The fine motor skills will be developed through mark making with unusual resources such as mud, strawberry mouse, flower and water.

Babies will be communicating and developing their language this week. Our theme is the fireworks and reflections. Our activities will include but not be limited to sputter painting, jelly play and we will be creating different sounds and do lots of dancing.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK