This week in baby room we will be concentrating on Communication, Language and Literacy. Painting, colouring won’t be missing either and we will be repeating simple words from children’s favorite books. We will chose songs that our babies enjoy most and made the best connection with.

Toddlers will be developing personally, socially and emotionally this week. We will be building cosy places with children where they can invite their friends for a play. They will be also playing matching games where toddlers will be learning about sharing and turn taking. We will also play with playdough, making smily faces and talk about feelings and how children feel when they are sad or happy. Music won’t be missing either.

Pre-schoolers will be encouraged to become a bit more independent this week. We will be making sure that they are sharing with friends and create new friendships with all the children in the room. We will be playing listening games, turn taking games and board games as well.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK