Jungle Room continues in their Christmas festive theme this week. Children will be making polar bears, painting their Christmas stockings. I believe, children will be also making christmas cards and some exciting puppets too. And if that’s not enough, children will also make calendars and ginger bread-men biscuits.

Babies will be mainly developing physically this week. Lots of dress up games and play with large wooden blogs is planned in. We will move a tent, tunnel and a slide into our room for babies to enjoy. We will encourage our younger children to play with push chairs and trollies to help them develop their walking skills. As other children, babies will be helping making christmas cards for their mummies and daddies.

Our pre-schoolers will be recalling their past Christmas experiences this week. We will be talking about the way they celebrate Christmas, who comes to visit and what presents they received in previous years and what presents they requested from Father Christmas this year. We are now working very hard on perfecting our nativity play that we will perform to all parents next Friday. The letter of the week is “I”, colour of the week is “purple”, shape of the week is “star” and number of the week is “9”.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK