Pre-school, sensory week, so we will be listening to different noises indoors and outdoors. Recognising noises and different sounds is the first stage of phonics so important for future reading. Our three and four year olds will also be discovering different textures, taste will be challenged by tasting sessions of different fruits and children will have to guess what they are tasting. This week’s shape is circle, our colour of the week is purple and the letter of the week is “a”.

Our toddlers will be engaged in problem solving and numeracy this week. There will be many activities set up involving shapes, puzzles, numbers, art corner will include different activities involving numbers, they might even go on number hunt game later on this week. Songs about numbers won’t be missing either. 🙂

Babies will be getting creative this week. They will have a chance to move to music, they can have a go with our musical instruments as well. Babies will also be supplied with large chunky creons. Babies will be able to go wild on large sheets of paper, we can’t wait to see what they manage to produce for us. Babies will be able to play with everyday objects like phones, cameras etc. Lets see what they make of it all. Sented treasury baskets will also be available and if that is not enough, we will be playing with puppets later on in the week.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK