Toddler room will be exploring how our actions can affect others and their feelings. We will encourage more then before friendly behaviour. We will help children to gain confidence. We are hoping that this will come especially because we will be doing lots of new exciting activities all week. Muddy puddles might just get replaced by snow exploration – how much fun can we have in one week? Favorite stories will be explored once more. We should also have lots of fun with rainbow water where we can have a good look how colours change and blend. We hoping to find some shapes in the garden too.

Pre-schoolers will be focusing on developing their muscles this week. We will be encouraging correct pencil control, we will do lots of running, jumping and crawling… As Kerri has a great Grumpy dinosour on her top and children love him, we decided to improvise and we will write a story about our own Grumpersourus and maybe we will even find out why he is grumpy. If all goes well and children are still interested, we will make some sock puppets too to go with the story children create.

Babies this week will be developing their walking up and down stairs skills with adult support. We will also be enjoying garden play, finger painting, musical instruments and it will all merge into our plan to help children’s coordination skills.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK