Week Ahead – 12-11-2012

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Toddlers will be practicing their attention skills and good listening. We will encourage them to learn by using lots of musical movements and action CDs. Many games that children will make will help with the listening and patience skills.

Babies this week will be developing personally, socially and emotionally. Water play should prove to be lots of fun as well. Babies will be building using small wooden blocks and engage in pretend play.

Pre-schoolers will be learning about the World around them this week. They will be exploring different houses we all live in and comparing them to houses little bugs live in. We are hoping to find some in the garden, bugs that is. 🙂 Pre-schoolers will also be talking about different festivals especially Diwali – The Hindu Festival of Lights. Children will be making lanterns this week to celebrate. Our colour of the week is “green”, shape is “leaf” and letter is “d”.

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