This week is a creative minds week in our Pre-school room. We will be doing lots of painting, we will be mixing colours learning all about primary colours and all the other shades we can create by mixing them up. Junk modelling should produce some interesting models, we can’t wait to see what children will create. We have treasury baskets prepared and games that will encourage pre-schoolers to explore different textures and materials. Children will be encouraged to help with making our own play dough. Lets see how many colours we can actually produce. 🙂

Our toddlers in the Jungle room will be developing physically this week. We will be engaging their fine motor skills. We will be playing with wet sand, making sculptures, castles or just mud cakes. We have chunky paint brushes ready, so some painting should be done too. We will also explore other textures and we sure hope to have lots of fun playing with shaving foam and sponges, we will be drawing using giant crayons and brightly coloured chalks.

Babies this week will be making friends. We have some new babies this week so we will make sure they get familiar with the people that look after them and hopefully, they will make some friends too. We should enjoy many fun activities with the babies, books and stories are always very popular. We have play dough ready, gloop should be fun and shaving foam never disappoints either. Songs and music won’t be missing either.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK