Babies this week communication and language. We planned activities where we will be using puppets. We are hoping to encourage our babies to repeat words copying their favorite puppets speech. We planned many picture card games where babies will be prompted to recognise words and pictures. Fun won’t stop there, babies will be playing games where they will listen to different sounds that we hope they will be able to recognise. Lots of songs and action play won’t be missing either.

Toddlers this week will be improving their communication and language skills this week. We are introducing a new circle time where we will be talking about numbers, colours and shapes. There also will be lots of creative activities and all the fun should be perfectly wrapped up with water play where children will be able to use cups and plates.

Pre-schoolers – will be observing the environment around them. They will spend lots of time outdoors talking about changes in weather and how it makes the world change.
Some of the activities will involve rhymes and stories. Stephanie also planned some more advanced activities for the week where children will be given opportunities to listen to a story and guess its ending. Can’t wait to see – what they come up with!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK