Our toddlers in the Jungle room will be developing their social skills this week. We will be observing our two year olds while they are interacting with adults in the room. What we are mostly interested in is the way they can ask for help and confidence levels in general. Fun stuff won’t be missing either, we will be offering many activities involving mark making with chalk, painting and we will be working on our animal display as well.

Our babies will have lots of fun developing physically this week. We will be using tunnels and outside gross motor equipment to encourage crawling, walking, jumping… dancing to music – the ever favorite won’t be missing this week either…

Pre-school children will be busy this week. Children will be using their math skills to estimate quanitities and counting skills to see if we were right. We will also be playing shapes and looking for them in our environment. We will be also estimating sizes and moving items to all different categories according to the shape of the objects.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK