Babies– Focus of the Week is Personal Social and Emotional Development. Children will be playing picaboo, sing fun songs. We will encourage our babies to seek comfort from friends and trusted adults. Kids will have lots of fun playing in a bubble bath. Stories and books that show different parts of a human body will be on offer for children to read.

Toddlers will be focusing on their language and communication this week. Children will be playing with objects that will encourage them to listen and recognise different noises and sounds. Guessing games, ball games and turn taking games should get them going. Children will be playing with different treasure boxes, they will be doing lots of creatie painting and hopefully talk about all of the different colours they are using. The week will be finished off with musical movement games.

Pre-schoolers will be practicing their hand washing skills and they will be learning about hygiene and the importants to be clean and healthy. The home corner will be transformed into bakery, children will be making cakes out of salt dough. We will be asking children about their experience with the bakery and what kind of things they buy when they go with parents. Letter of the week is “A”, shape of the week is “START” and colour of the week is “BLUE”

Nursery School Gillingham, UK