All children at Happy Bunnies are very excited about Christmas coming. It is almost here so we are finishing off our last touches and Christmas presents. Toddlers are working hard on their stockings, Father Christmas’ and candy canes. We will be using the garden a lot too to allow children to work some of the pre-festive excitement off and help them sleep in the afternoon. We have two Christmas party’s this week. One on Thursday and one on Friday. The one on Thursday starts at 3:30 – 4:30. If this time is not your child usual time, please bring them along. Talk to Claire and get some details!

Babies are having a personal, social and emotional week this week. They will be helping to finish off all the Christmas decorations, we will be playing with the shaving foam and creating our very own shiny corner with lots of glitter. Nadia decided to create a shop for babies to encourage them to engage in role play activities.

Our pre-schoolers are feeling very Christmasy already. We are practicing our nativity play and are all getting ready for our Friday Christmas Play. Lots of fun games are ready for the kids to enjoy. Our letter of the week is “J”, number of the week is “10”, shape is “triangle” and colour is “white”.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK